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Why Choose an AutoMower?

  • Automowers are Quieter than Gas Mowers

  • Easier to Use

  • Low Maintenance

  • More Efficient than Gas Mowers

  • More Cost-Effective in the Long Run

  • Saves Time so you can Enjoy Life

While this company started as “ MowTime LLC” in 2019, and has now grown into Midwest Auto Mowers, the idea of providing automatic lawn mowers began long before that. Before discovering automatic mowers, we found there was always something to do. We kept wishing that we could keep up with our lawn mowing and still enjoy the season. Now, as Midwest Auto Mowers, we are dedicated to providing this exact opportunity to the Fargo/Moorhead and Detroit Lakes area.

After experiencing Husquvarna robotic mowers, the dream of having more time to enjoy life while keeping up with our lawn became a real possibility. We quickly fell in love with the practicality of robotic mowers. Now, we can spend more time at the lake, vacationing, and being with family– all things we missed while manually keeping our yard in tip-top shape!

"With our jobs in agriculture and planning summer events, time to enjoy the short Minnesota summers are limited. We have easily fallen in love with our automower, Grazer! It's nice not having to worry about finding the time to mow the grass and instead spend our free time with our family and friends, and of course enjoy more time at the lake!"

Tanner & Bailey Thompson

“I purchased my first auto mower in 2020 for our home in town. I fell in love with “Mabel “instantly, so much so that I had to purchase “America” for our lake place. I absolutely love getting to the lake and the lawn is beautiful, and then returning home on Sunday evening and the yard work is done. I also enjoy all the people that stop and watch the mowers do their thing. The service I receive is also above and beyond, just a phone call away. I can honestly say I will never be without an auto mower!”